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Creating A
New Culture

Emotional & Energetic Intelligence

Radical Honesty

Freedom of Expression

Ecstatic Intimacy


Learn more about me:

A Journey into Emotional and Energetic 
Intelligence, Embodiment & Intimacy 

Intuitive Healing and Coaching 

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Through emotional healing processes, embodiment practices, energy work, theta healing, channelling, art therapy and more, I am to guide you to be your own healer, create new thought patterns, remove and heal stuck emotions, belief systems and trauma in the body so you can create a more joyful, peaceful and intimate life, with yourself, your relationships, and all of creation.


Are you ready to

 ✔ learn how to process your fear, anger and sadness to live a more joyful life 

✔ Be the source of your own love

 ✔ Speak and show up more honestly

 ✔ Break free from conditioning and victimhood

 ✔ Own and embody your worth and uniqueness

 ✔ Heal from wounds, traumas and self-limiting beliefs

 ✔ Deepen the intimacy with the people in your life

 ✔ Connect with your souls purpose and follow your heart more relentlessly.

I offer single sessions, 3 month deep dives, in-person retreats and immersions

Meditations of consciousness, infinity, and unity
Hand Painted Portals

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Workshops & Events

I create in-person and online spaces for individuals and communities to explore:

  • Human Connection

  • Emotional Body Navigation

  • Art Therapy Sacred Geometry Drawing Classes

  • Intuitive Movement, Dance & Embodiment Practices

  • Sisterhood and Feminine Embodiment

I'd love for you to be a part of my next workshop, circle or event!
Fill out your name here and I'll let you know!

Thank you! Excited to connect!

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