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Commissions and Contact

If you would like your own personal frequency painting, please contact me here:

What is your estimated budget and size range?

Thank you for supporting my work! I will be in contact with you shortly.

Artist Statement

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My art is a meditation and inner cultivation of peace and harmony, a prayer to be rippled out to the world.


Through the geometric blue print of the Universe, I create with an open heart in reverence for the interconnectivity of everything in existence.


This work was birthed out of a deep joy, and a remembrance within my own being of why I am here on planet Earth.


My paintings allow me to find balance within my mind and my heart, to the inner stillness of my being and the union with my own divinity. I converse with my creations and listen for the highest expression to be revealed. 


I play and revel in the energies and particular frequencies of color and geometry. Each painting is an exploration and a new dialogue of the same message of love.

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