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Draw with me...

Learn how to draw the blueprint of creation to take with you as a meditative, creative and healing practice in your life.

No drawing experience needed!

Absolutely all levels welcome. Artists, and "non-artists." (even though there is no such thing)

In this session we will :

  • drop into a meditation

  • receive our intention for the class

  • possibly do a short guided embodiment practice

  • receive step by step instructions on drawing the forms

  • you will be informed about the energetic signatures of the geometries and colors

  • infusing our intention into free flow coloring and decoration

As someone who has had a hard time with

traditional stillness meditation, this practice has given me an incredible outlet to drop into a meditative space while using my creative energy to produce something beautiful with intention. 

 The benefits of this  practice: 

  • Helps to cultivate more peace, self awareness and stillness of the mind

  • Activates your creative energy and life force

  • It connects and balances the left and right hemispheres of the brain

  • It is an easy portal to access your divinity

What you'll need:

  • A compass

  • pencil

  • eraser

  • a ruler

  • paper

  • colored pencils and any other coloring materials of your choice

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