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Clarity Session 

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Clarity Session - Sample Session

1 (one) session available per person, unless discussed otherwise.

This is a sample session of what you will receive in my 3-month long Coaching and Healing program!

This clarity session is for you if you are:

  • Looking for clarity on how to create a life of self-sourced love, peace, authenticity, and joy.

  • Facing the same repeating patterns in your life and are looking for support and new ways to heal and approach these blockages.

  • Ready to gain a more aware and intimate relationship with yourself and the people in your life.

  • Desiring a more conscious relationship with your emotional world, so you don’t have to live with numbness or life-consuming emotions.

  • Willing to break free of conditioning and external pressure, self-limiting beliefs, and fears and finally live a life according to your radical uniqueness and purpose 

Work with Me 1:1

This is an intuitively guided session, based on your specific need and intentions.

This session could include some or all of the following and more:

  • Receive an emotional and energetic body reading to get clarity on the blockages and open pathways that are living in your system.

  • Be guided through different emotional intelligence, embodiment processes, and Somatic healing exercises 

  • Receive channeled guidance on your soul's karmic blueprint to see the lessons your soul signed up to learn 

  • Learn new thought ware and mindfulness techniques so you can build more of a sense of safety for yourself when navigating tougher emotions.

  • Distance Energy Healing, through Reiki and Theta Healing. 

  • In-person: more hands-on Energy Healing, Intuitive Touch, and massage.


All so you can walk away with more awareness, tools, new energetics, integrated intelligence, healed blockages, and action steps in order for you to create a life of more self-sourced love, peace, purpose, and joy.

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