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About Me

Then in 2013, after a spontaneous spiritual awakening, a visceral connection with my own infinite and pure life force energy was activated, and a realization of radical responsibility for my own life was born.

With 9 years of experience, initiations and training, I serve as an intuitive healer, coach and artist through emotional healing processes, embodiment practices, channeling, art therapy and energy work.


I am here to help people expand their awareness, take radical responsibility over their own lives and well-being, develop an intimate, and compassionate connection to their own internal world, and truly come home to themselves, so we can then create a better world together.

I am an activator of authentic expression, presence, intimacy and emotional and energetic Intelligence. 

I live with a deep passion to make our world a more harmonious place, where humanity lives in reverence and in alliance with the Earth and all of its inhabitants. I believe that the way we do this, is first coming into deeper harmony within ourselves. 

Born as a highly sensitive being and suffering for 6 years with depression, anxiety and suicidal ideations, I know what it is to feel like a victim of external circumstances, to live in chaos, consumed and controlled by intense emotions, self sabotaging behaviors and thought patterns. 


I work 1:1 with people on either single sessions or 3 month deep dives 

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